Quikchat Photo Video camera

Quikchat Photo Video camera

By Hoot Live, Inc
Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversations with your friends! Add a caption, snap a photo or a video, and send it to a friend. They�ll view it, laugh, and then the Snap disappears from the screen � unless they take a screenshot! ONE-TAP messaging app that lets you send ephemeral photo, video messages instantly to your friends. Tap a friend�s profile picture to quickly send them a photo or video with captions. Quik chat features are: - Send a picture (tap contact) or video (tap and hold contact) to your friends - See the photo or video plus when and where it was taken - Get creative: Add a caption before you tap by double tapping the camera feed - Enjoy it while it lasts: You can view photos and videos only ONCE - 100% personal and PRIVATE, every photo or video you receive was sent to you and you alone - App is under 2MB! Camera loads faster than all camera apps!! It�s time to say hi to Quik chat! - the fastest IM experience on this planet! Tap and share your moments: * Tap a friend's avatar to send them a photo. * Tap and hold it for a video. Friends see what you see and feel what you feel, vividly and instantly! * The coolest conversation you could find on the planet. Selfies never looked this good ! Download NOW!!!

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Version 3.5 (3 Ratings)
All versions (1714 Ratings)

“It crashes everytime .”

4 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.1.1

“Stupid game !”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.1.4

“I love this game so much even if I keep crashing into the spike thinhs .”

2 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.1.4
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