Tweegran - Text message and quotes to pictures

Tweegran - Text message and quotes to pictures

By Natrobit S.r.l.
Tweegran is the easiest and funniest way to personalize your pictures with quotes and thoughts to share on social networks. Using Tweegran you will be able to transform your thoughts into wonderful images just by choosing the style that best matches your ideas. Share your photos created with Tweegran on your favorite social networks and invite your friends to get many free packages! Now you can customize even more your tweegrans: � Get more than 100 awesome styles �� Move the text wherever you want �� Adjust text size �� Choose from more than 50 fonts �� Choose the color that you prefer How to use Tweegran? Write your thought, select the style that you prefer, customize it with different fonts/colors and share on: � Instagram �� Twitter �� Facebook �� Wherever you want to share your Tweegran Take a look at our review!! �I love this app. I love writing on the different backgrounds. It is so much fun. It it's awesome that I can share my tweegran on Facebook.� - CJ Minor �Great app - Love it easy to use!� - Keya Sartin �Love this app!! Cool to have. Need more cool stuff!!� - DjNuff �I so love this app!! Really is awesome! I am a writer who loves posting quotes. This app is perfect.� - Stephy1223 �Not only do you get to post with different fonts. Sizes. Colors. And backgrounds. You earn points for rewards too!!!� - Kawaii29 ��������� -------- For feedback, questions and additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us: Email: Twitter: Facebook: With your help we will be able to improve Tweegran even more.


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“It 's a very easy / fun app .”

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First version noticed: 3.1

“Even bought the paid version for $.99 , it 's definitely worth it ?”

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First version noticed: 2.3

“One of my favorite apps for posting to Instagram .”

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First version noticed: 2.3
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