My Book of Clients Salon

My Book of Clients Salon

By AvocSoft LLC
With My Book of Clients Salon� you can have your Book with you at all times! This comes in handy when you are out with potential clients. Having your book at all times will increase your business opportunities because you will be able to schedule an appointment on the spot. My Book of Clients Salon� is so easy to use. It has a look and feel similar to the standard calendar and contact menu so no need to completely re-learn a new interface. This App uses the existing client information from your Contacts list on your iDevice, so no need to type in all your clients information again. You don't have time to waste, you have hair to do and money to make! My Book will feel like YOUR BOOK as soon as you start using it! Why is this App special? You can schedule your existing client from the calendar page or from the contact menu page without typing in their name. For your regular Clients you can schedule repeating appointments! This App displays how much money you are bringing in, each day, week, month or year! A great feature to keep the money flowing in is to use the "Finding Clients" page. This feature allows you to find your clients that you have not seen for a while. My Book calendar allows you to highlight your events and appointments by choosing the colors you like. Also your calendar is linked to your client page and your client page is linked to your calendar, so changing or adding in one page will update in the other. For example, if you change your client's telephone number in My Book, this change will automatically happen in the contact list of your iDevice. My Book has it's own information tips to help you get the most use out of the App, just tap on the "i"! Add a reminder to make sure you don't miss any important appointments. Each appointment instantly links to your client's contact information so you can call, email, or IM with them immediately. Bring the power and convenience of My Book of Clients Salon� to your fingertips and organize the schedule for your Salon quickly and easily. Features: + Easily schedule appointments for your Clients > Client's name > Date and time > Operations > Formula to use > Price charged > Reminder > Notes + Schedule repeating appointments for your regular clients + View how much money you bring in each day, week, month or year + View appointments in a Day view, Month view or List view > 15-min or 30-min increments on Day view. > Select any appointment from any view, see it's details or modify the appointment > Schedule multiple overlapping appointments + View all appointments for a particular Client > Easily see all information for that Client, on one page + Instantly access contact information for the Client, so you can call, email or IM with them without having to leave My Book + Uses the Contacts list on your iDevice > No need to copy contact information into or out-of My Book + Optionally copy information from the most recent appointment for that Client > Allows you to avoid retyping information + Add, delete and reorder the list of Operations you can select for each appointment > The initial list covers many of the Operations in a Salon > Add or Delete custom Operations + Find Clients that you haven't met for a long time + Keep track of Client Birthdays > Easily add birthdays for each Client > Find the next birthday for each Client, and add to your Calendar + Add other Events to your Calendar > Allows you to include all your scheduled events in the My Book Calendar + Includes information window with tips on My Book usage + All information is backed-up when you perform a regular Sync with your computer > If you lose or break your iDevice, you can recover your Book by importing to your new device with the standard iTunes Sync function + Backup your information or Share your schedule through email > Allows you to restore your information to any iDevice, or share your schedule with others.


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“Over all it 's the best app I have tried and seems worth the price .”

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First version noticed: 1.5.1

“Can not ask for more good job so far .”

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First version noticed: 2.0.2

“It has crashed twice , I lost everything .”

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First version noticed: 1.6.1
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