TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster for Twitter

By Handmark, Inc.
TweetCaster is the #1 Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and the ONLY app with Search Party, SmartLists and Zip It! ******** What people are saying: �Contender for best Twitter app. 5/5 bars.� � Appolicious �Excellent Twitter client.� � TUAW "This is by far my favorite Twitter app. I've tried at least 5 different Twitter apps, and I've never found one that did everything I was looking for, until I tried this one." - Range Rooney, TweetCaster User ******** TweetCaster highlights: TweetCaster features a clean, attractive interface that users love, plus it's lightning fast. And TweetCaster has the BEST features--some expected, some unexpected--that make your Twitter experience better. Want to simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter? It�s there! Want to manage more than one Twitter Account? No problem! Want to share the music you�re listening to? Simple! Want to hide annoying Tweets without unfollowing? Done! The iPad version has been designed to take advantage of the iPad dimensions and new iPad retina display, and it is stunning�check out its innovative dashboard! TweetCaster exclusive features: �Search Party � Unlike basic Twitter Search, Search Party lets you can narrow down your search for the best possible search results. �SmartLists - The most powerful way to organize the chaos of your Twitter stream into Twitter lists ��Zip It� - Hide unwanted tweets without unfollowing �Photo Effects � Add filters, effects and captions to photo attachments � Smart Filters - Filter your timeline with one tap to show only tweets with links, photos, or videos �Peekaboo Links - Preview links from within Tweet details More Innovative Features: �Unlimited # of Twitter accounts �Post to Facebook �Auto sign-in to Twitter via iOS 5 �Push Notifications via Boxcar (requires download of FREE Boxcar app) �In-app Notifications �TweetMarker - Service that keeps your place in the timeline �iTunes Music Sharing and purchasing integration �Geolocation/Nearby functionality �Advanced Profile Editing �Multiple Themes (iPhone/iPod touch only) �Follower Management �Long tweet Support �Replies and Conversation Threads � View all replies and conversations related to a tweet �Draft Manager �Twitter Trends - Global or localized �Instapaper/Read It Later/Readability Integration �URL shortening �Photo/Video Uploading �Retweets (with or without comment) - includes ability to see who has retweeted a tweet So what are you waiting for? Tweeting from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad just got a whole lot better. Download TweetCaster now! For more information, visit ***TweetCaster Pro is the ads-free version of TweetCaster. It is available in the App Store or by clicking "Go Pro" from within the app.

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Version 4.2.0 (50 Ratings)
All versions (8599 Ratings)

“I like it better and worth the 4.99 for no ads .”

4 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 2.1

“Solid app , no glitches , runs smooth , nice easy way to link Facebook to your twiitter account .”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.5

“Also , scrolling just freezes sometimes .”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 3.9
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