MailChimp - Email Marketing

MailChimp - Email Marketing

By The Rocket Science Group LLC
MailChimp makes it easy to stay on top of your email marketing no matter where you are. Now, you can create and send campaigns directly from the mobile app, so you can manage your account while on the go. Select an intent-based template you want to use, add and remove content blocks as needed, edit basic details, and send your campaign. Then, you can view the results in your campaign reports, track campaign and subscriber activity, and more—all from your mobile device. Create New Campaigns Wherever You Are Access the campaign builder to create new campaigns directly from your mobile device when you’re away from your desk. - Select an intent-based template to help guide your design. - Add and remove content blocks as needed. - Use the content manager to insert product images that are automatically pulled in from your connected store. - Change the background with an image or color. Edit or Update Your Campaigns - Edit basic campaign details before you send: campaign name, subject line, list, from name, and from email address. - View the same pre-delivery checklist from the web version when you send or schedule your draft campaigns. - Replicate any campaign to quickly update the content. - Share or export your sent campaigns. - Preview all your sent and draft campaigns in one place. Account Overview from Your Dashboard The same dashboard you see when you log into the web version of MailChimp also gives you a clear overview of your account activity on your mobile device. - Spot trends in your audience growth, campaign engagement, and e-commerce activity. - Keep tabs on your overall account activity, like subscribes and unsubscribes. - Think there might be MailChimp features you’re overlooking? Check out the ‘Explore’ section of the Dashboard to find options that work for your mobile marketing plan. Manage Your Lists With the MailChimp mobile app, you can create a new list, monitor growth and performance, and add new subscribers while you’re on the go. - Create a new list. - Add new subscribers. - View statistics and growth for each list in your account. - Check out individual subscribers or subscriber groups on your list. - Edit and add notes to subscriber profiles. View Reports View your campaign reports to monitor their performance even when you’re away from your computer. - View opens, clicks, and social activity for each sent campaign. - See how much revenue your campaigns generate and other e-commerce statistics. - Export or share your campaign reports. Streamlined Account Creation Sign up and get started with MailChimp from anywhere with our mobile app. Once you activate an account, you can create a list and share the signup form. - Quickly set up an account and get started from anywhere. - Create, name, and edit a list as soon as you activate an account. - Share your signup form to grow your list. Collaborate and Share Accounts MailChimp is a team marketing app-—your whole team can use it without getting any wires crossed. If you’ve set up a multi-user account, you can add a user with any permission level on the mobile app. MailChimp Pro Features If you’re a MailChimp Pro user, use the mobile app to access Delivery Insights and multivariate campaign reports. - See your campaign’s status as soon as you click ‘send’ with Delivery Insights—think of it as shipment tracking for your email. - Make a mistake? Stop delivery on campaigns sent to a list of 10,000 recipients or more. - Review your multivariate campaign reports to see how the tested variables performed. About MailChimp More than 15 million people and businesses use MailChimp to grow their businesses on their terms. Being yourself makes all the difference. If you enjoy using MailChimp, please leave us a review. If something’s not working right, you have a great idea you want to share, or you just want to say hello, send us that feedback from the “Accounts” screen in the app.


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Version 3.4.2 (2 Ratings)
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“Just crashes immediately .”

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First version noticed: 3.0.2

“Really recommended this app and Mailchimp in general .”

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First version noticed: 3.3.3
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